All the World on a Same Page

One goes up and the other falls down.
Riches are laughing and poors are sobbing.
Do we really want such a world?
Poverty, regional disparity, and racial discrimination.
There are a lot of opportunities in front of who was born in a developped nation.
Few opportunities are given to who was born in a developing country.
Is it impossible to live in a more flat relationship for us, as human beings living on the same earth?
Is it OK for leave such a problem unsolved?
Everyone can equally have opportunities to laugh, cry, be amazed, and be moved.
It’s really simple world that we have to create before everything when capitalism is being updated.
We are living together on the same wrinkled page in this chaotic days.
Therefore will endeavor to eliminate gaps in the world and present a page on which everyone can equally write own stories.



To realize a world for active independent individuals

We endeavor to realize a world where everyone can take action. A world with plenty of opportunities that allows you initiating action if you wish, regardless wherever you were born and whatever you looks like.
In the future, big power will be distributed to small individuals.
Each small individual will have power rather than only one person holds all the power over the others. A person who has a wish will get started and new culture will emerge from the action.
Imagining such a world, we continuously endeavor to provide a platform on which opportunities are equally give to everyone.
To allow everyone equally existing on one same page.
To allow anyone taking action to move the world to the next page.
It's the world that we hope to create.
We will be fully engaged in creation of the world in which individual persons can independently start their own action.



To eliminate all gaps in opportunity in the world

The world is still filled with inequality.

Begging kids in the street of Bangladesh.
Though their clothes are worn out, their eyes are bright and words are brisk.
They seem to be far more bright than me, but they have few chances of education and jobs.

On the other hand, in some countries, people can have opportunities for education and job without specially doing anything.
Think of a Japanese boy with poor health. Does he strongly survive by himself if he was born in Bangladesh?

What is this disparity telling us?
What is the cause of this disparity?

It is quite natural that someone who has a big power wants to maintain it. People who are not given such a power have to understand the situation.
However, a chance to overcome the situation must be given. Because the disparity will never be eliminated unless they can find any chance to do so even if they understand the situation.

That is why we will work for creating opportunities for everyone.
Of course it depends on each individual whether or not to use the opportunity.
What is important is to create a situation where everyone can get a chance.

To enable to equally present chances to everyone, we will endeavor to solve the problem.


SamePage Inc. provides services for creating a chance for challenge using technology to companies and individuals at home and abroad. We support your challenge with wide variety of solutions ranging from services using state-of-art blockchain technology to web site development and design.

Custom system development

Custom system development

Updates the society with internet services

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Always be honest.

Let’s be honest.
It is often said that honesty doesn’t pay. But thanks to technology development, now we are living in a world where ill fame spreads immediately and will be recorded for a long time. Probably liars who only think their own benefit will be expelled from the world. Therefore only honest people should survive until the last time.

Always be fair.

Let’s be fair.
There is someone who imposes a label to the other people based on their color of skin and eyes, honor, and title. Sometimes they can’t be heard due to such a label. What can such a label tell us? We will behave fairly towards anyone and work to make them heard in this world.

Always be autonomous.

Let’s act autonomously.
No problem if you don’t have a big power. We are living in the days where a small individual can change the world. If you have a wish, step forward by yourself even if you are alone. We all will embrace and support such a person for the future. we


Hiroaki Takagi

Akihiro Takagi


He learned English and programing all by himself and established an IT company in Bangladesh in 2013 aiming to "eliminate information gaps from all the world." Moved the main location of business to Japan in August 2016 and launched a luggage storage service "Tebura." He awarded several awards in such as the business plan contest held by MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and venture support programs provided by Osaka and Kobe Cities and is attracting attention. After fully entered blockchain business in 2017, he is engaged in construction of platform systems for travel business that is based on NinjaCoin.

Mohammad Nurul Islam

Muhammad Nurul Islam


Honorary Consulate of Japan in Bangladesh. One of a few Bangladeshis who was awarded the Order of the Rising Sun, Gold Rays with Neck Ribbon. He established the Japan Academy in 1987 and has studied Japanese language and Japanology. He established the Association for Overseas Technical Scholarship (AOTS) in 1989 and introduced Japanese way for business to a lot of companies. He joined SamePage Ltd. at the establishment of it and has act as the Chairman to eliminate gaps in employment and opportunities in Bangladesh while exploiting the internet.


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